Chris & Darcee

We've lived in the Comox Valley for over 20 years and added on to the property in 2012, to make room for when our friends and family come to visit!

Our noble guardians

Stella & Chopper

Stella is the Noble Guardian of the Red Propeller. You will most likely only see her on her daily walks with Chris and Darcee. Chopper is the Man About Town. He's personable and always on the lookout for a meal. Friends and family - PLEASE DO NOT feed him as he will pull up a chair and stay the night! Inga and Magda are our two feline friends. You won't see these two as they are true scaredy cats.


Why the Red Propeller?

When you arrive you will see a very large red propeller to the left of the entrance gate. It was here when we bought the property (and we don't really know why). We liked it and Darcee decided to spiff it up and give it a good cleaning and a fresh coat of glossy red paint. We embraced it wholeheartedly and even created a special Red Propeller cocktail (see the recipe below).

So is it "Propeller" or "Propellor"?

Now, which is it "propeller" or "propellor"?
Well actually the spelling situation is interesting: "propeller" is used in North America. While the "or" version is British. So actually, both versions are correct!

The Red Propeller Refresher

1 and 1/2 ounces Bombay Gin over ice

Top with tonic water

Add a healthy splash of cranberry juice

Go out and sit on the patio, put your feet up, and enjoy!

(After all, you deserve it.)