Whatever your interests there's so much to see and do - year round - in the Comox Valley!

A Photographer's Paradise

Resident eagles are king of this property. Depending on the season we are entertained by sea lions, whale pods, dolphins, deer, shorebirds, wild rabbits and even the inquisitive neighbouring llamas.

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights appear magically overhead in winter's cold air.

Storm watching offers up the power of Mother Nature as she sends waves crashing ashore (and ever-bountiful, she always replenishes Chris' bonfire driftwood supply).

Beachcombers will find purple starfish, tiny crab shells, smooth-edged beach glass, shells, and seaweeds.

Sunrise, sunsets, nesting eagles and fledglings first flights, the view is ever-changing.


Next Steps...

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